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KLONA is a platform for virtual and hybrid events in 3D, 100% online.

It is a French solution created and designed to manage optimized and secure operations across the network for hundreds of participants.

Check out the frequently asked questions, but do not hesitate to contact us to learn more…

Frequently asked questions

How many participants at most for an event?

More than 1000 participants, but it depends on several criteria, contact us to best adjust your needs.

Is KLONA multilingual?

Yes, the KLONA client is translated into several languages, contact us for the list of supported languages.

Is KLONA compatible with an android or iPad tablet?

Not yet, we are working day and night on it 🙂
You can now enjoy KLONA on Windows PC and Max OS X

What kind of media can we present to users?

Images, videos & Live videos, URLs, Powerpoint, contact us for more information…

Is it possible to install the KLONA infrastructure in a company for private use?

Yes, thanks to our adaptive technology, the KLONA platform can be installed in your data centers.

Can we personalize the client to match the color of his company or his event?

Yes, you can. We customize the solution as you wish, according to your needs.

What is a public event?

A public event is an event published on the platform world map, it is directly visible to users who connect, with or without a code … This event can also be promoted through our website and all our social platforms.

What is a private event ?

A private event is an event accessible only to users who have the access code or who have the right to connect.

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If you want help on how Klona works, we invite you to browse our online documentation.