KLONA, metaversE for business

A collaborative virtual world, a personalized immersive experience for your teams

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What is our solution?

KLONA is a metavers for business fully customizable and able to adapt to your expectations on several use cases:

  • Provide to your employees a new experience of collaborative work
  • Make your training or demonstrations more interactive in an industrial environement
  • Set up an innovative exhibition for your employees and customers
  • Virtual exhibition, TeamBuilding, OnBoarding, EscapeGame, SeriousGame…

Innovate and contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint by reducing travel.

We propose to reinvent the social link that makes the success of great events by offering participants a total immersion as avatars form.

The benefits for your business

There are many benefits !!


First of all, it is a 100% customizable metaverse that allows to bring an interactive solution to your employees especially during remote work, which will improve the participation and involvement of your employees.

It has been specially designed to work on the cloud or relocated to your information system to increase the security level (On-Premises).

Secondly, it gives you an indisputable competitive advantage. It is a turnkey platform that allows you to bring new experiences to your employees or customers.

Specially designed for professional use, KLONA offers many features and services that allow you to create a metaverse that reflect your company’s image.

Customizable environment

The different virtual worlds you will have at your disposal will be customizable by you and according to your needs. The screens will broadcast videos, powerpoint presentations or any other document…

Easy access

Access to our metavers solution does not require the purchase of specific equipment such as virtual reality headsets or a higher resolution computer. You just need to get your desktop to connect.  


Easy to use and modify

Our solution has been designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of their computer skills. Our interfaces are simple and intuitives, changing environments can be done in a few clicks.

Customizable avatars

We have several customizable avatars and due to our partner Ready player me, we have a multitude of customization possibilities for a better diversity and inclusion of your collaborators.


Collaborative tools

All our collaboration tools are easily accessible online. In the same way that you would on a video conferencing tool, you will be able to activate or not your camera, your audio, or interact on a chat with one or more people.

Private discussion spaces

For intimate discussions, take advantage of our private discussion spaces. You will be isolated with your colleagues to work and exchange quietly, without being disturbed.

Stage the customer experience

Animate your own 3D objects or stage a scene with animations. To do this, simply import your own 3D object and activate Klona sequencer which will allow you to play the scenario of your choice.

Solution available On-Premises

For even more security, we offer a unique solution for installing the software in a box located in your own enterprise server and not on a public cloud due to the KLONA BOX solution.

A virtual world for an infinity of possibilities

Bring your teams together in a scalable virtual world based on your goals. Here are the most common use cases.

Klona virtual 3D conference

Conferences and trainings

Create online virtual conferences with hundreds of participants and easily share your multimedia content in the screen of conference rooms

Klona virtual 3D TradeShow

Trade fairs and exhibitions

Organize your exhibition in a fully equipped and customizable 3D space for the occasion. Set up your stands as you wish and give your exhibitors all the tools to promote their products to visitors

Klona virtual 3D Teambuilding

On boarding, Team building and Serious Game

Offer your employees a unique moment of conviviality in a virtual world. Distance is no longer a problem, they will meet instantly to share this experience

Klona virtual 3D Exhibition

Galeries and shops

Present your works or 3D models and invite your future customers to discover them in a fully immersive space

Test us out !!

You are interested but want to see more about our solution and its different features?

We suggest you to make an appointment for a demo, this is free, without obligation to purchase.

Our solution is available on:

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OSX

Coming soon on mobile, web and VR headsets…

Choose a suitable plan

We offer a multitude of possibilities that allow you to offer your users the best experience. Keep control, whether in the cloud or on your own servers, our service is “pay-per-view”.

Salon d'exposition en ligne

Temporary event

The offer is sized according to the number of participants, customization options and the duration of the event

Klona Paris métaverse

Permanent virtual world

Monthly subscription sized according to the maximum number of simultaneous users and the number of registered users

They trust us

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"A simple and intuitive platform to use for my 3D event."

"An innovative experience that allows me to rediscover a social bond, I was able to meet new people like in real life"




I would never have thought that it was possible to reproduce human interactions like in a real trade show, it makes the experience even more rewarding.


As a manager with employees spread across the country, organizing my annual event in a virtual location allowed me to create social cohesion within my team, all without moving!

I couldn’t have done the same thing with a classic video conference, it’s one-way.


Being able to walk with my clients thanks to avatars in the future building that I had created to really give another dimension to my presentation, everything seemed more real, more human!

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