OUR solution

KLONA is a French solution that allows you to bring your company into a 100% customizable metaverse.

It is a turnkey platform that allows you to bring new experiences to your employees in a virtual salon, webinar, team building, exhibition, meeting, conference…

Our environements

You have access to different working and meeting environments that are customizable to your needs. We have a list of environments already available but we can also create your own custom environment on request.

Move your avatar to the different environments to discover all the usable features.

Amphitheaters for your conferences

Create online virtual conferences with hundreds of participants and easily share your multimedia content in the conference room

Fairs and stands for your trade shows

Organize your trade fair in a fully equipped and customizable 3D space for the occasion. Set up your stands as you wish and give your exhibitors all the tools to promote their products to visitors

Entertainment spaces for your team building and serious game

Klona virtual 3D Teambuilding

Offer your employees a unique moment of conviviality in a virtual world. Distance is no longer a problem, they will meet instantly to share this experience

Exhibition places for your art galleries

Klona virtual 3D Exhibition

Present your works or 3D models and invite your future customers to discover them in a fully immersive space

Meeting rooms for your trainingse

Create small committee meetings or training spaces and easily share your multimedia content with your audience

Round tables for your meetings

Organize your private meeting with collaborators or stakeholders of your choice to discuss important topics at a roundtable

A reception hall to keep your guests waiting

Klona virtual 3D Teambuilding

Keep your guests waiting in a quiet and warm place where they can wait in peace

Sales spaces for your businesses

Klona virtual 3D Exhibition

Present your products in your shop to offer your customers a new shopping experience in a fully immersive space

Our features

Behind the KLONA environments are a number of features that can be accessed at any time from your interface. You can discover them by walking through the environments but also thanks to quick access keys.

Customization of your avatar

Define your avatar’s gender, your skin color and choose your clothes and accessories. With the button “create your avatar”, you have access to a more advanced customization with your own photo, thanks to our partner Ready Player Me.

View contents

Klona virtual 3D Exhibition

Different types of display panels are arranged in environments allowing you to view photos, videos, live broadcasts, presentations, PDFs, tables that are then displayed in large format on your computer screen after play is enabled.

Actions and audio conversations

Klona virtual 3D Teambuilding

When you speak, you have the opportunity to speak to people live by activating your microphone at the bottom of your screen or you can do different actions like clapping, raising your hand or laughing with your interlocutor.


Klona virtual 3D Exhibition

You can interact with your interlocutors in writing by the chat at the bottom right of your screen. You have the possibility to speak to all connected people or to a particular person.

Private discussion spaces

If you need to have a private discussion sheltered from prying ears, you will find different types of private discussion spaces that are marked by this blue bubble materialized on the ground. Only those invited can articipate to the discussion.

Annotations on presentations

Klona virtual 3D Exhibition

When broadcasting presentations, you have the possibility to make annotations via Post-its by choosing your message, your color and its size.

Animate a 3D object

Klona virtual 3D Teambuilding

We are the only ones who propose you to present, animate and write an object in 3D during your events. You can show parts of the object to explain their functions and even show an internal view to explain how it is made. This is used in industry for example.

Digital twin

Klona virtual 3D Exhibition

This unique feature allows you to create a digital twin, that means a copy of an existing one that is created from real to virtual. It allows for example to visit a building with a real size avatar in order to better understand the proportions. This is useful in real estate.

But also exclusive KLONA features !!

KLONA uploader

Klona virtual 3D Teambuilding

Upload your own 3D objects into the solution and securely use it in your metaverse.

KLONA sequencer

This unique feature allows you to create your own animation scenario in the metaverse from your 3D object.

    KLONA editor

    Klona virtual 3D Teambuilding

    Customize the display panels. You can edit and add multimedia content on the different screens in your metaverse.

    KLONA box

    Klona virtual 3D Exhibition

    Have the KLONA solution directly on your company’s internal network for secure access or simply to test the solution with your colleagues.

    Examples of recent projects



    • Provision of NEXO STANDARDS metaverse as part of their annual conference (see picture)


    • Creation of a metaverse for the training of their internal employees.


    • Provision of a metaverse for the network of real estate agents.

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