We propose you to discover some cases of metavers usage for business.

Since the arrival of COVID in 2020, the means of communication are changing, we have instantly switched to a virtual office. This hybrid work culture allows us to discover little by little cases of use of metavers for business of which here are some examples.

In the industry, you have the opportunity to connect with your customers in a virtual world and show them the future planes of your new range. Thanks to 3D animations, it will also be possible in real time to separate certain parts of the aircraft to show in detail your new technologies. 

In event, you want to organise an annual meeting with your employees, but the logistics costs are too high and the environmental impact too high. Remove travel and take advantage of the metavers to create your meeting using different spaces adapted to your themes and a conference room where you can gather all your collaborators.

In real estate, why not accompany your clients for a virtual tour of your future project? You will be connected together with your avatars, will be able to visualize the whole project in real size. Thanks to the collaborative features, you can explain all the subtleties and benefits of the project live.

In e-commerce and retail, you can recreate a boutique concept with 3D products from your future collections. This allows you to test the potential of your products before even starting them in production.

In the world of training, metavers allow you to immerse your learners as in a real situation in a virtual universe specially designed for training! With sequences, it is possible to create an advanced training scenario with quizzes, videos and even doors to open to another scenario if successful. Situational learning improves the retention rate of learners, making them more effective in real life.